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  1. Complicated, Complex, or Both? Finding Our Way Through a Turbulent World

Complicated, Complex, or Both? Finding Our Way Through a Turbulent World

Knowledge of the physiological and anatomical aspects of the female breast and the composition and environmental effect of breast milk is enhanced on the basis of current research in nursing and medical science. Practical exercises in conveying knowledge to parents individually or in groups are included. On the basis of theory and the students' own experiences, the nursing role in relation to the infant and family is studied.

go to link Attachment theory with an emphasis on child and parents is also treated. Students enhance their knowledge of cultural aspects of breast-feeding and family relations and the issue of sexualisation.

How to Turn a Negative Situation into a Positive One - Brian Tracy

There is also a focus on the specialist nurse's role in relation to mother and infant in complex breast-feeding situations that require advanced nursing interventions. Students practise assessing needs and planning interventions in breast-feeding situation that are experienced as complex and advanced.

Education level: Master's level.

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