Guide Cows are NOT Supposed to Jump Over the Moon!

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Giving Thor the evilest smile you could muster, your hands under your chin and leaned forward. He scowled, hating knock knock jokes.

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He claimed that was cheating. Both Thor and you looked at each other in surprise, eyes wide and mouths hanging open in an unattractive manner. Loki gave us a smug look before returning to his book as if he had never said anything. JavaScript is required to view this site. Log in Sign up. Most recent Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type All posts.

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In-between: The Cow Jumped Over The Moon: Glorious Joy

Help me inflict sweet shitposting torment. Luna she totally has cow jumping over the moon pajamas imma draw the whole outfit now where tia had bunny slippers Luna will have cow slippers why? I low-key love this concept. Goodnight room. Goodnight stars. Goodnight nobody.

Read! How the Cow Jumped over the Moon

Hey Diddle Diddle, The cat and the fiddle, The cow jumped over the moon. The little dog laughed, To see such fun, And the dish ran away with the spoon. Illustrations by Randolph Caldecott, And the cow jumped over the moon! What Was the Berlin Wall?

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What to Expect From the 12222 World Track Championships

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