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But any company that relies on IMT must ensure its technology is safe and secure. Without taking the proper precautions, systems may be vulnerable to cyberattacks by hackers. For example, organizations such as retailers must put safeguards in place so their customers' information such as names and credit card numbers aren't stolen. By centralizing the process and equipment, companies can function more efficiently, by allowing employees to concentrate on their own jobs without having the need to tend to data management.

Although IMT does, it can lead to the redundancy and elimination of certain positions within the workforce.

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That's because some of the tasks that were once done by human labor may be replaced by computers and network systems. Information management technology is, as mentioned above, a discipline as well as a corporate function. It is often housed under a science program, but it can be part of a disciplinary specialty like a bachelor of health administration with a major in information management technology. Generally speaking, these programs cover:. There are also many specialties within information management and technology when it is considered as a career.

Information Technology Management

Data scientists, for example, work with different data sources and sets to create insights, metrics, and key performance indicators. Information management technology is often considered to be a driver of organizational efficiency as technology has traditionally helped workers to be more productive with it than without it.

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  • As the applications of technology in business have multiplied, information management technology has been further segmented into more meaningful categories that capture the function of the technology being used. Any one of these sub-categories refers to a functional system that depends on hardware—computers, terminals, sensors, etc. A large corporation will be running many of these systems, some of which will be purchased and some which are proprietary. Workers in information management technology are considered part of the highly skilled workforce and are sometimes referred to as knowledge workers.

    Computer network architects handle the creation and maintenance of a business's network, including administering remote access. Share Flipboard Email.


    Karen Schweitzer is a business school admissions consultant, curriculum developer, and education writer. She has been advising MBA applicants since Bachelor's Degree in IT Management: A bachelor's degree in IT management is ideal for students seeking entry-level positions in this field.

    However, many information technology managers choose to earn a bachelor's degree in information science, computer science, or information systems management instead. Regardless of the degree name, most bachelor's programs take four years to complete and consist of general education courses combined with specialized courses in information technology and business management. Master's Degree in IT Management: A master's degree in information technology management or a related field is a requirement to work at some companies. It is especially recommended for advanced positions.

    A master's degree usually takes two years to complete once you have earned a bachelor's degree. While enrolled in a master's program, you will study advanced topics in information technology. You will also take business, management, and leadership courses.

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    Doctorate Degree in IT Management: The highest degree that can be earned in this area is a doctorate degree. This degree is well-suited for students who want to teach or perform field research. It can take anywhere from four to six years to earn a doctorate degree. Once those questions are answered, managers can start to understand what information is crucial to execute those processes.

    Only then can they know what IT tools — databases, document management systems, etc.

    In short, all the IM work has to happen and be in hand before a team can decide on the appropriate technology to manage it. At its core, IM is about two things: effective use of information for the business purpose it serves, and secure sharing of information inside and outside of the organization. Information needs to be sent to the right people — those who know how to interpret it in context and understand the purpose the information is supposed to serve. In fact, the end-user accessing the information should be a significant consideration in the presentation of any information. Organizations that spend the time upfront to understand the way in which information will be used will save time and effort in making that information available to those individuals who need it.

    Only once a team understands the IM part of the equation company mission, processes, information needed by process, users of information, how it is shared, etc.

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    Should I Earn an Information Technology Management Degree?

    Many organizations fall in the trap of doing this backwards — figuring out their IT capabilities and then looking at how they apply to the company mission. This is a dangerous approach.

    Without understanding IM first, both projects and operations end up being more complicated, time consuming, and much more likely to miss the mark. Understanding this difference between IM and IT is not simple, nor easy to explain. It is necessary, however, for the effective execution of large manufacturing initiatives.

    Helping to define IM is a sweet spot for many industrial consultants.

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    Skilled consultants can work effectively with the different groups in an organization to build an IM framework. This framework can then be used by the entire organization to coordinate information sharing and IT delivery.

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    Further, consultants can help define the scope of what most IM groups need to have in place to deliver service successfully, including ensuring security is approached properly. The moral of the story is two-fold.