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What is at your core? Is it the work you feel you are here to do, your light-work? If so, it is from this point that you weave your tapestry. Nothing escapes The Work, your service, your lesson. It means that your greater purpose is at play in every tiny thing that you do. They believe that their great purpose only comes into play when they are embodying their public role, or only in the parts of their lives where it comes easily. When it comes to the parts of themselves they find it hard to look at, they simply look.

This is living in stark opposition to The Work. It is a dramatic example, but there are also more subtle ways that we go against the grain of our true purpose when going about our lives. Going in every day with a bad attitude? I know this, because I have been that grumpy, ungrateful lightworker! If you hate it that much, it is in your power to shift your focus and create something new instead. If there is Work for you to do there, you are intuitive enough to discern what it is. If you really are too afraid to leave, the power to work through that fear is within you, and your community of healers and lightworkers who are here to support you.


And while you stay there, it really is essential that you change your energy to one of positivity and gratitude, because this brings you back to the power of who you really are. Otherwise, you are living out of alignment with The Work. I must also offer appropriate support for my loved one to come into the same power and truth. Remember: there is only love, and love requires no outcome. To forget this is to live out of alignment with The Work. At this time of tremendous shifting, I know that we are all facing great challenges.

I believe that there is only one way through this, and that is to live in alignment with The Work. If you can understand who you truly are, then you can apply it to everything you do. You do not have to be perfect right now. I find that seeing areas of my life where I am not managing to do this is powerful enough to draw in the required change at the rate I can cope with. I invite you to remember what it is that is at your core and weave a powerful tapestry with that knowledge contained in every thread.

The Work is at our core, love and light are at our heart and we came here to create change. With faith and love, we are strong enough to ride the waves created by that change. We have to be, for it is The Work. Looking deeper Problems in your relationship? Are you clinging, or pushing away, playing out the old patterns still locked in your heart? Awareness and intuition are our friends here, and so are our relationship problems.

They hold up a clear mirror to our own hearts and present beautiful opportunities for learning and transformation. The ones we love the most can be the ones who have the power to hurt us deeply. Can you show compassion at those times, and hold your dearest in a space of love? There is no judgement from me here, we are human animals with emotions that can cloud our judgement oh so easily.

I keep seeing those who call themselves spiritual falling into these traps and I would like us all to take advantage of the current energy so we can awaken to this. If my Work is to restore power and the true self, then I must honour that in myself while in. An expert on positivity, coach and Reiki Master, a startling mystical experience in revealed to her the reality of humanity. She now writes to support our awakening.

She is also the founder of www. This November is very powerful for all of us. But the power of this time lies within you, not outside of you. But our truth, our source, showed me that this is the doorway to our awakening. So read with new eyes and act now to be the person that you came here to be…. The Power of You. For many of us we are so tied up in the working and doing world that the step forward to life lessons is too wide a jump in one go.

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We have to use stepping stones for our brains, hearts and souls to catch up. The first step in being the best of yourself then is to believe in yourself. To know that you can be the person that you were meant to be and not the one that your parents or culture created. You are a product of these, yes.

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You look like them. You have taken on their character traits and moral stances at a personality level.

But although you have a set state within you that you have partly inherited and developed as a result of them, you also have the core of you. Never mind what you have learnt and been through, what you have seen. Your parents, other adults and circumstances have also shadowed your view points on life so creating a smokescreen of consciousness. You are not aware of it but it is there all of the time.


Clouding your vision of what your soul can see. Telling you to judge this and disagree with that. Comparisons are dangerous and create jealousy for one thing but more terrifying is the need to conform. To be the same as the next person.


We read countless useless in my view magazines, especially as teenagers, and still as adults, to check what we should be wearing and how we should be acting. There is a whole industry of talcum powder sprucing over our self images. Just as with soap operas, we live our lives through other people. At least in magazines the people are real! In the soaps we actually live out the negative expectations of the make-believe. As nations we.

We have exported this negativity around the world; from country to country you switch on the box to watch exactly the same thing. If you think about it, when was the last time that such a programme actually made you feel happy, feel like you could achieve and that the world is a wonderful place? Our culture seems to have bred this huge brain disease. What makes us think that we have to close off the pain of our world and completely absorb this make-believe world?

We get up in the morning, energise ourselves in the shower, live our busy days and then homogenise our brains with a good dose of absolute rubbish and then we wonder where the meaning has gone with our lives. We wonder where the dream has gone! Is this all there really is? And then instead of going for it and switching off the mixer we continue, pour another drink or make another cup of supportive tea, eat the fridge and homogenise some more.

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All whilst our souls cry out for the life that we could be living through awakening. Is it laziness? I am going to go for it and get that dream.