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It can be a never-ending story.

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Greg: We actually have two of them that are that old. I think my Greyhawk campaign started in And the other one, the Racteria campaign, started in Beck: Do you use the same characters for both of those campaigns, or do they each have their own unique characters? Have they both had a continuous story line this whole time?

Chuck Sanderson: There are different characters for each campaign. And for Racteria, we each have multiple characters. We have campaigns for high-, low-, and mid-level characters, which were all started at different times. The high-level one has been around for 25 years. Each category of levels has different challenges. So everybody has taken turns GMing for Racteria. Generally speaking, we tend to be more about how many things we kill and how fast we can do it and what treasure we get. Or then we need to travel to Florida to pick up X, Y, or Z.

It is all the same world, and each individual module is like its own individual story. Like someone wants to hire us to rescue a fair maiden from the dragon. And the other one, basically whoever has an idea for a module or a game can run it. And we have a couple different groups of characters to choose from, as Chuck was saying. The word module , it basically is an adventure or a story. So we still call them modules. Beck: I would love to go around and have everybody describe one of your characters for me.

In the Racterian campaign, my oldest character, with the January start date on him, is Wylo the Traveler. He is a wizard, a very powerful one now.

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An arch-mage. At the time when I made him, I had a fairly encyclopedic knowledge of the rules. He was an arch-mage that was once really powerful, lost a titanic battle, lost all of his powers, and then started again at first level and was determined to fight his way back up.

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That gave me an excuse to be very wise and knowledgeable even for a very low-level character. Chuck: From Racteria, I have a high-level bard. His name is Jonathan Wolf. I just wanted the challenge of trying to play a bard. The bard character is difficult, so it was really hard to do in terms of staying alive.

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Anthriathorn the Awe-Inspiring is his name. Now he is well known throughout the world. So wherever we go, I just say my name and people all know who I am.

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He is Pierce the Protector. Ken: I can talk about Father Metallica. So he comes from the mountain. He is very familiar and at home in nature. So he has a little bit of sticky fingers. Greg: Yes, exactly like the band. The character was named in front of a Metallica poster. We were already involved in the first story line. Ken joined that group a little late, after we had started. And then became the cleric.

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There was a Metallica poster on the wall, and he was like, Oh, perfect. Dongheon: One of my favorite characters for Racteria is Landor Lightbringer. A paladin.

So that always appealed to me. As far as character names, I think our other friend Jack has one of the most interesting character names.

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It took him at least 10 years to come up with his name. So after 10 years of not having a name, his name became Master Question Mark. Beck: Does the dynamic between your characters in the game kind of reflect your friendship dynamic? Our group is not so much like that. Ours is more there to play the game, and problem-solving is big with our group.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite: How to play the new wizarding game - CNET

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