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  1. 1. People good at socializing with strangers know these 4 things about small talk
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Focus On Yourself And Not Others? - SADHGURU - Eye Opening Speech

One of the biggest mistakes during puppy hood is lack of socialization. Socialization is quite complex but extremely simple. Many of us do socialize our puppies, we get them around strangers and other dogs, even cat in an attempt to keep them socialized.

1. People good at socializing with strangers know these 4 things about small talk

Puppies can behave fearful of objects, sounds, smells, and people if they have never been exposed to them positively. Feral dogs often times will run from humans, not because they have never seen one, or they have been abused by a person but because there has never been any positive association made with humans. Exposure and positive association are two of the biggest components of socialization.

When socializing your puppy think of all the places you go and would like to take your puppy. What different types of stimuli would you come across? Think of the different types of terrain you would cross to get there. A puppy may have never been in a carpeted house; suddenly the family moves into a home with carpet and your pup starts to behave strangely and avoid coming indoors or acts fearful. Socialize your puppy to car rides, taking them on short rides that end in fun and exciting new places or games.

We want to build as many positive associations when socializing our puppy to things that could potentially have a negative ending. If you only ever put your puppy in the car to take it to the vet then your dog will begin to associate the car with the vet. The people with money win, the people who need the money and can't rig the game end up the losers many times, even if their project is brilliant. It is fraudulently rigging the game that rules the day at Kickstarter.

I myself like Kickstarter. I like the website Prosper. But there needs to be a way to level the playing field so the rich cannot use their elite status against the poor. I do not know what the solution is. That's what Crreate. The one snag I see in all of this is the protection of a concept. How do you keep a competitor from stealing an idea or elements of that idea during an open social design process? Do we need a new type of fluid patent system? I know that right now if I start posting unfinished concepts on the web I'll probably get fired! Bringing up the most popular ideas based on concept rather than cashflow would reduce gaming of the system.

Some current models like this obviously exist and work to a certain degree - see Reddit upvoting, Facebook Liking, ReTweeting etc. Money is attracted to the project based on the merit of the concept, being featured on the front page should reflect that. Fascinating topic There are huge opportunities here In Shirky's latest book Cognitive Surplus, he points out that social motivations drive participation more than personal motivations.

The question is how can we better support this drive through design and for the greater good of our society?

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There are no limits now, which means our responsibility is even greater. Thanks for the invitation to discuss :-! Great article, Tad! Really comprehensive! That flaw is that people with money can "vote up" their own projects by having the money to buy their own offerings. The same concept as a shark feeding frenzy. I am not saying all the projects on kickstarter are like this, I am saying a lot of the people behind the scenes are doing this. Until this "FLAW" is fixed then kickstarter and other websites like it cater to rich people with money rather than the real artists and musicians and designers who could use the money.

The rich win.

PDF Socialization: Simple Solutions (Simple Solutions Series)

The poor don't get seen and go nowhere and their projects end without being funded. I think you've more or less nailed it.

Much of global production is designed to solve problems real or imagined that are either very specific, or very general, and in both cases the user is ignored, as is the context of what the user already owns implicitly, they should throw out whatever may be competing with new product 'X'.

Designers could be fixing things that already exist, or coming to equally valid, more interesting, and more ecologically sensitive solutions by making-do with a twist. Tooling and communication used to be big barriers for making things, such that standardized offerings were the be and end all. I'd like to think that designers and consumers are ready to move to more enduring relationships with products, and that we can celebrate an enduring uniqueness over short lived, disposable trends.

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One way of encouraging this sense of ownership is for the user to play a role in production, in a deeper way than merely assembling the flat-packed object. Letting it go until a later time means that the correction will lose its punch and impact. What is needed is a strong without anger statement-e. The same principal applies as above.

No lecturing. All of the social interaction you have provided for your child will spill over into the school situation, and you can be sure that teachers will be very grateful. Too often the child reaches the classroom totally untutored in social relationships, and the teacher is expected to do the job.

Optimal socialization

Most teachers will react favorably to a request for a conference on social needs. This is the time to explain what you have tried to do on the home front. After becoming familiar with the personalities of the youngsters in her class, perhaps the teacher can arrange to team your child with another child of similar disposition and interests in terms of seating, play-pairs, playground-pairs and even walking to and from school.

During the period of social growth there will be minor triumphs, but the road will undoubtedly be rutted with an occasional major disaster.