Guide South Korea: Kwan and the Silkworm (The World of Make-believe Stories Book 11)

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  3. The untold story of the ‘circle of trust’ behind the world’s first gene-edited babies
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Not nearly as well known as the story of the violence in Birmingham around the same time, Huntsville demonstrated that racial discrimination, bullying, and unfairness can be faced successfully with perseverance and ingenuity. My Bus by Byron Barton Ages 4—8 This bus driver on this colorful bus picks up dogs and cats waiting at the bus stops: one dog, two cats, etc.

At various destinations — the airport, the harbor, the train station — animals depart the bus, providing multiple opportunities to add, subtract, and examine sets along the way. After emancipation, Lynch took odd jobs to pay for his education and became a Justice of the Peace and then one of the first African-American Congressmen.

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This engaging biography portrays the difficulties of the Reconstruction Era while celebrating a talented man determined to succeed. Shark vs. This cleverly funny book proves that it all depends upon the circumstances. As the stakes grow more absurd and funnier neither comes out on top — the lack of thumbs make both pathetic at video games.

Bookworm for Kids: Ages

The hilarious expressions in the watercolor cartoon illustrations are the perfect match for the snappy dialog of the text. Bob was serious and wanted to be a doctor. Joe was an amateur magician and wanted to make a name for himself in show business. When Bob had a serious accident and was confined to a dark basement for recovery, the two brothers began experimenting with ultraviolet light and fluorescent paints, and invented a new kind of intense color they called Day-Glo.

INCH BOY (ENGLISH) Animation of Japanese Folktale/Fairytale for Kids

Readers are encouraged to crack codes and find hidden pictures to solve the mystery, told in rhyming quatrains. A set of bonus challenges will keep kids, and their relatives, glued to the pages for weeks. The Car Pharaoh offers them a pardon if they will steal back only a jeweled fish sculpture from the Crocodile Prince. Condemned to a lifetime of angling for the Jewel Fish, readers can release the endearing thieves from their endless punishment by solving puzzles. Determined to find and rescue the Golden Snail, William and his trusty cat set sail.

Korean Brinkmanship, American Provocation, and the Road to War

Along the way he befriends strange creatures in need, who in turn help him along the way. Richly detailed paintings conceal a golden snail and pirate crossbones on each page. ABC3D by Marion Bataille Ages 4—up In this amazing pop-up book, the 26 letters of the alphabet not only pop up, they also move and transform. This clever French book will enchant readers and art lovers of all ages. Out on the Prairie by Donna M. The squirrel advises the fox to gather and store acorns, the snowshoe hare puts on a winter coat, the geese fly south, and the bear prepares to hibernate.

None of those plans sound right to the fox until another red fox arrives with the perfect winter plan. His mother insists on a nap, and David dreams that the snow invades their house, making a huge mess to be cleaned up. When his father comes home, the three bundle up to go outside and enjoy the real snow blanketing the world. King Baby by Kate Beaton Ages 4—8 King Baby rules his house and issues orders in baby babble to an adoring line of subjects grandparents, relatives, family friends as his proud parents stand guard. The chubby little pony she receives is not at all what she had in mind, plus the pony eats everything and farts constantly.

Princess Pinecone worries that the pony will embarrass her during the great battle, but the meanest warrior of all is charmed by the little beast. This funny story full of alliteration is a great read-aloud. The boy pretends to be still asleep until his father gets right to his bed when they share a hug. Eventually his father writes to him from prison, turning their knock knock game into a symbol of all the things that are possible for the child, as he knocks down the doors his father was not able to.

When Jenna Jenkins, a Cambridge student, ballerina, and aspiring journalist, goes missing, Sesame is delighted that her opportunity has finally arrived. With the help of her friends Gemma and Toby, Sesame skates off to solve the mystery. This hilarious novel is the first in a series. Journey by Aaron Becker Ages 4—8 In this wordless adventure, a lonely little girl draws a door on the wall in her drab monochromatic world and escapes into a magical world full of color.

Using the same red chalk she draws a boat to take her to a wondrous castle, and then a red hot-air balloon to explore the skies where she rescues a fantastical bird held captive by soldiers in steampunk airships. Quest by Aaron Becker Ages 4—8 In this wordless follow-up to Journey , the girl and her new friend take refuge from the rain under a bridge in a city park. A king emerges from a door just long enough to hand them a map.

The untold story of the ‘circle of trust’ behind the world’s first gene-edited babies

They return to the magical city of Pallonezia and find that the city is under siege and in flames, requiring the children to draw their way out of danger again and again. Bear needs absolute quiet in order to fall to sleep, and Mouse is anything but quiet. But when scary sounds are heard in the middle of the night, Bear realizes that having a friend is more important than having things exactly his own way. Charming watercolor illustrations highlight the dry humor of the text and characterizations.

I Yam a Donkey! The escalating series of miscommunications causes donkey grow even more bewildered while the yam becomes more and more furious. Both strong personalities manage to bend just a bit in this funny tale about two mismatched friends. The girls take the dog home, but she is banned from the house, so the girls must search all of Paris to find her again.

Incredible illustrations complement the rhyming text. A Perfect Day by Carin Berger Ages 4—8 Cut paper collages illustrate the activities of children enjoying a snowy day from dawn until dusk. From footprints and ski tracks to snowball tracks to the joy of making snow angels, this quiet book celebrates the joy and beauty of playing in the snow.

Catrow Ages 4—8 Harry really wants a dog, but his parents give him a lizard as a pet instead. So Harry puts on his X Infra-Rocket Imagination Helmet and imagines a dog named Waffles, who is as big as an Irish wolfhound and made entirely from clouds. Harry and Waffles are completely happy together until Dad brings home a real dog and Harry is torn between the dog he has always wanted and the imaginary creature who has given him so much comfort.

The boy cleverly convinces the snake he is still hungry and the greedy snake consumes a series of creatures until his belly rebells and they all come pouring out again. The rhyming text and bold illustrations add to the fun of this funny tale. What Floats in a Moat? His friend Skinny the Hen suggests the obvious solution of using the drawbridge to cross the moat the the castle, but Archie is determined to use science to figure out what will float across the moat. This enjoyable read-aloud will be relished by all young lovers of the excitement of discovery.

Then Nanny Hannah teaches her how to string the letters together to make words, gives her a dictionary, and teaks her to play Scrabble. Bright illustrations featuring period details capture the energy and excitement of this amazing baseball season. Zelinsky Ages 3—7 The sensible Zebra tries to direct all of the animals to appear on the right page in the proper order at the correct time, but the irrepressible Moose, who is sure he owns the letter M, cannot contain his enthusiasm and impatience.

He pushes Duck out of the way, annoys Elephant, and pops out of the pouch of a surprised Kangaroo. He loves shapes so much that he simply must insert himself into this book about shapes. Snakes by Nic Bishop Ages 4—8 Photographer and naturalist Nic Bishop presents captive and wild snakes in breathtaking detail.

She plays games, does tricks, and uses her very fertile imagination to try and generate even a tiny spark of interest from the potato. The dry wit of the text is beautifully complemented by the minimalist illustrations. He imagines life without clothes: going to school, playing on the playground, dancing the Hokey Pokey. Artful placement of props, hands, and feet conceal his private parts.

Eventually the boy starts to shiver and realizes the joys of snuggling into his favorite dragon pajamas. This laugh out loud book makes a wonderful read-aloud. The Baby Tree by Sophie Blackall Ages 5—8 When told by his parents that a new baby will soon be arriving, the child begins asking everyone where babies come from. The evasive half-answers from the adults are transformed by the child into rich scenarios.

Beautiful illustrations enhance the story. Delicately funny watercolors illustrate the minimal text in this quiet tale of giving and receiving. American themes from dawn to dusk are viewed through the eyes of a representative multi-racial city-dwelling family.

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Seasons by Blexbolex Ages 4—up This stunning picture book explores the cyclical nature of life by examining the seasons. Beautiful prints present simple yet detailed views of landscapes, objects, and people during different times of the year, encouraging readers to notice subtle details. As time passes and the seasons rotate, a sense of the permanence of the cycle of change is revealed.

Brian Karas Ages 3—7 In this toe-tapping book a sudden thunderstorm makes friends of city strangers who race to the subway to get out of the rain. Jazzy rhythms and clever rhymes celebrate the unexpected moment of community. So Sierra comes up with a plan to allow her auntie to see her play. Class differences and the clash of city and suburban cultures are sensitively portrayed in this thought-provoking book.

Installation view at Blanton Museum of Art, Austin, Texas, USA, 2016

The monk records the similarities between himself and the cat, noticing the importance of work, companionship, and the pursuit of things that matter. This simple and elegant book will appeal to children and adults alike. The boy follows the monkey through familiar places like a department story and a bakery. At each stop, readers can follow clues to lift a pop-up and find the monkey. In the library, the helpful librarian suggests looking for the monkey on the shelf marked M. This engaging visual chase is great fun. When it arrives in a beautiful lagoon, the crew scuba dives in the clear blue water. Beautifully constructed pop-ups lift vertically to reveal the wonders of the undersea world throughout the journey in this thought-provoking exploration of the ocean and human-created hazards.

This silly low-tech contest is great fun. Set during the Harlem Renaissance and featuring a mysterious magician from the Caribbean, this spell-binding tale is illustrated with beautifully detailed oil paintings.