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Update newsletter preferences. Comments Log in or register to comment. Thanks for subscribing! Yes, submit this vote Cancel. You must be logged in to vote. Report Comment. Yes, flag this comment Cancel. This comment has been flagged. Delete Comment. Sharon Bateman: domestic servant, revealed to be mentally unstable and on parole , from a mental institution, for the murder of her sister when they were children. She is obsessed with the burning of a witch. Attempts to blackmail a, now head, teacher whom she met as a child into marriage.

Dean Bostock: chef at the manor, married to Kimberley , expectant father. At the end of the novel when the manor is converted to a restaurant he is given more influence but is still head chef, he and Kim agree to remain living on the premises. Kimberley Bostock: Dean's wife and expectant mother, she is the finder of Rhoda's body. She is a weak character who relies on Dean. Flavia Holland: a nurse, in residence at the manor. At the start of the novel she and Chandler-Powell are in a relationship, terminated. After the case is solved she marries him, moves away and lives a family life.

Helena Cressett: administrator and heir of former owner. Marries Chandler-Powell. Lettie Frensham : another administrator of the clinic. Employed by the Cressetts.


The Phantom of Pemberley: A Pride and Prejudice Murder Mystery

Jeremy Coxon: an etiquette teacher and Boyton's friend and business partner. DC Warren: a tall, bulky local detective assisting Dalgliesh's team on orders from the local force. Tom Mogworthy: the gardener and caretaker at the manor. Clara Beckwith: Emma's lesbian friend, who's in love with her. Annie: Clara's partner, she is assaulted and raped in the novel but little attention is paid to this part of the story.

Mr Collinsby: a head teacher, found to have been a lodger in Sharon Bateman's childhood home, she blackmails him in an attempt to make him marry her, this falls through when Dalgliesh and his team find out about the blackmail. Loved Lucy Beale.

The Phantom of Pemberley by Regina Jeffers

Reverend Curtis: points Dalgliesh in Collinsby's direction after the Reverend's car is found near the Manor on the night of Rhoda's murder. Collinsby had borrowed the car to meet Sharon. His wife has her attention concentrated on her young infant twins. Dr Glenister: Dalgliesh's favoured pathologist , second to Kynaston, arrives to assess the body of Gradwyn before its removal, she conducts the autopsies of Boyton. Howard: investigates Annie's assault. Keeps Dalgliesh in the know as to. James , published in A three episode TV mini-series was made based upon the novel.

Jane Austen Adaptations...

Venetia Aldridge is a brilliant criminal lawyer , set to take over as the Head of Chambers in Pawlet Court, London , she defends Garry Ashe against the charge of the murder of his aunt but is unprepared when her daughter flaunts her emotional involvement with him. Venetia is murdered in her office soon after her trial. Adam Dalgliesh investigates. Things are not as simple. A second murder occurs in the narrative and there is a tantalising ending when one of the "murderers" appears to confess with the knowledge that the case could never come to trial because of a lack of evidence; the book explores the psyche of a pathological criminal, the moral dilemmas of the defence lawyer and the repercussions of a successful defence of a murderer on those who are alive, including the victim's survivors and the defence lawyer herself.

It is a comment on the limitations of the criminal justice system. In a book review for The New York Times , Ben Mcintyre called the book "vintage James" and summarized it as "a book in which revenge is not quite sated and deserts are not always just.

Masterpiece Mystery Death Comes to Pemberley Preview

That may not be the most satisfying conclusion, but it contains a certain truth. James , the thirteenth book in the classic Adam Dalgliesh mystery series. Adam Dalgliesh is brought in to investigate the mysterious death of a famous writer on a remote and inaccessible island off the Cornish coast. Combe Island is a discreet retreat operated by a private trust, where the rich and powerful find peace and quiet. Famed novelist Nathan Oliver, born on the island and thus is allowed to visit as he wishes, arrives with his daughter and his copy-editor, Dennis Tremlett, unbeknownst to Oliver, are having an affair; when he discovers them, Oliver reacts with fury and orders.

Oliver is discovered hanging from the island's historic lighthouse. Dalgliesh and his team arrive to investigate. Surfacing from a fever, Dalgleish has a vision. Dalgliesh recovers from his illness, after the break of the investigation and quarantine , he and his lover Emma both overcome their fears about each other's seeming lack of commitment, agree to marry. In a book review for The New York Times , Janet Maslin called the book "too rooted in genre conventions to count originality as its strong suit.

But it has deviousness to burn, it offers other enticements. And it is a sturdy installment in a well-honed series, a concept that its characters understand.

The Phantom of Pemberley

Darcy Fitzwilliam Darcy referred to as Mr. Darcy, is one of the two central characters in Jane Austen's novel Pride and Prejudice, he is an archetype of the aloof romantic hero, a romantic interest of Elizabeth Bennet , the novel's protagonist. The story's narration is exclusively from Elizabeth's perspective; the reader gets a healthy dose of dramatic irony as Elizabeth continually censures Mr. Darcy's character despite the aforementioned hints that Mr. Darcy is a noble character at heart, albeit somewhat prideful.

Referred to only as "Mr. Darcy" or "Darcy" by characters and the narrator, his first name is mentioned twice in the novel.

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Darcy first meets Elizabeth Bennet at a ball, where he makes rather demeaning remarks about her while she is within earshot , he becomes attracted to her and attempts to court her while struggling against his continued feelings of superiority. Darcy disapproves when his friend Bingley develops a serious attachment to Elizabeth's elder sister Jane, subtly persuades Bingley that Jane does not return his feelings. He explains this seeming hypocrisy by asserting "I was kinder to than to myself".

Although he doesn't realize it, Elizabeth's discovery of Darcy's interference in Bingley and Jane's budding relationship, Mr. Wickham's tale of how Darcy mistreated him, has caused her to dislike him intensely.

Darcy declares his love for Elizabeth and offers her a proposal of marriage, he reminds her of the large gap in their social status. Elizabeth is offended and vehemently refuses him, expressing her reasons for disliking him, including her knowledge of his interference with Jane and Bingley and the account she received from Mr. Wickham of Darcy's alleged unfair treatment toward him.

Insulted by Darcy's arrogant retorts, Elizabeth says that his proposal prevented her from feeling concerns for him she "might have felt had you behaved in a more gentlemanlike manner". Darcy departs in anger and mortification and that night writes a letter to Elizabeth in which he defends his wounded honour, reveals the motives for his interference in Jane and Bingley's relationship, gives a full account of his dealings with Wickham, who had attempted to seduce and elope with Darcy's younger sister, the previous summer.