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Not I. But I liked it a hell of a lot even if I may not have understood it.

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The author delivered prose that sucked me in. This was enough for me to delve further and with that I got an old and battered copy of this book, The Unknown Industrial Prisoner. Again there was an immediate effect. I found that I related to every character in the book as recognisable from my now 40 years of working life.

The Unknown Industrial Prisoner David Ireland NEW Free Shipping

I had worked with them all in one way or another. So with that recognition was I just another one of the many Unknown Industrial Prisoners? I think that after reading this book the answer might be yes. The author tells the following. Probably a small leak not worth mentioning. He had taken to peeing from above rather than have the Glass Canoe on his back. The Cop pulled up on his motorbike in the courtyard 3 levels below, as was usual each Thursday morning. Police Gazette galley proofs beckoned. Surfie was busy doing what all Backroom Prisoners did, glue bits of paper together.

Surfie was bored. He looked down just in time to see The Cop pull up and begin to alight from his bike. Surfie then proceeded to tip the contents of the flagon over The Cop who looked up in time to feel several drops of moisture hit him from above and to just glimpse a disappearing head. The Cop hastened up the stairs to The Backroom, opened the door and asked with great annoyance as to who had poured the water over him. The Backroom Boys were heads down and bums up gluing bits of paper together.

He pleaded for compo and got it.

His wife got care. Industrial Prisoners of all ilk, for that matter all nations, may have very similar stories as I related above. The book itself consists of writing that is gritty, harsh, writing that has a close to the bone brutality and is also very masculine in style. It can also be very humorous. I laughed out loud several times.

But we also get the softer philosophical views by some Industrial Prisoners and at times this can come as a surprise. As the reader I was battered by cynical, sarcastic, finger nails on a blackboard satire and irony page after page. Then out of nowhere would come beautiful prose that had an almost spiritual quality. Yes, a quality that was rare but there nonetheless. And that, for me, gives a very surprising and attractive dimension to this superb novel.

After all the observations of the gritty blue collar shenanigans I also think that there are recurring themes running throughout the book. After reading the last few pages a couple of times I might add there was also, I think, a theme of Belonging. With the economy seemingly getting tighter the Prisoners are less inclined to have choice as to where to find other work if they really wish to leave the Prison. Shifts get longer, accidents happen. With this the themes resonate.

In fact this book could be written for the beginnings of the industrial age. A work house with indentured labour is not that far back in time. Though we no longer have indentured manufacturing workers in countries such as Australia, manufacturing workers are seemingly under an increasing threat from globalisation, globalisation that is supported by multinational corporations. This tends to leave Prisoners thinking that their futures are in a state of limbo.

In Australia we see the present closure of the auto manufacturing industries in Adelaide. Unemployment is already high and as I write another batch of the seemingly weekly redundancies are announced in that city. Industrial Relations. The Prisoners belong to a Union but it matters not.

The Union sign off changes to their conditions in agreement with the multinational corporation at the Prisoners expense. The Prisoners become more inclined to slack, to sabotage, to not give a care about anyone else, bar themselves.

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They become their ineffective Union and even their predatory employer. My generation had a sense of loyalty to a local employer and that employer had a similar sense back towards their employees. Nowadays one seems a mere number, Prisoners expect to have many multiple jobs in their working lives. In Japan was it Salarymen who spent a life working for the same company?

Maybe we never went to that extreme in Australia and other western countries but it came close. Loyalty is now thrown out the door just as the multinational corporation throws Industrial Relations out the door and in collusion with the very organisation that should be there for the prisoners. Work Place Health and Safety.

The Unknown Industrial Prisoner, by David Ireland

A constant theme. The Prisoners notice that the corporation ignores their safety.

The Glass Canoe: Text Classics - David Ireland - Google книги

There are industrial accidents and even deaths. It reaches a point of cynicism by all Prisoners. Buyer protection logo Buyer Protection. Closes: 17 hrs.

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Shipping free within NZ. Seller located in Auckland City, Auckland. Member since. View Store. Read our safe buying advice. But the book is also concerned with female sexuality, and many of its sexual episodes proved controversial some because they were explicit, some because they addressed female sexuality in allegedly male language. City of Women pursues these preoccupations, but often by questioning them.

Ostensibly, the novel is set in the city of Sydney after all males have been expelled, and tells the story of an aging mother's loneliness after her daughter has joined an engineering project in the heart of the continent. Challenging the premise that women have an outlook different to that of men, Ireland portrays the city of women as being no different from the former city of men.

The functions of bully or criminal or whinger are still fulfilled—but by women, not men which suggests that the basic humanity of the sexes is more important than their differences. However, this judgment in turn is questioned when the novel's ending reveals that the City of Women exists only in the mind of the eccentric central character. Though frequently criticized as a "cop out," this unexpected denouement is an effective means of insisting upon the value of individual viewpoint and perception. As if having had enough of women, Ireland's most optimistic novel takes a dog as its central character.

Archimedes and the Seagle is the memoir of a dog in the city of Sydney … but it is also a deliberately and successfully "upbeat" novel, celebrating the joys of life and the beauties of nature even in the midst of a huge city's urban sprawl. The novel asserts Ireland's optimism about the world, re-affirming his preoccupation with fantasy and individual perception. It is a slight work, but successfully exuberant. Bloodfather is generally considered to be Ireland's best work to date.

A Bildungsroman , presented in the by now familiar fragmentary "mosaic" pattern, it clearly draws deeply upon aspects of Ireland's own experience. The life of young David Blood is traced from infancy to his teenage years, recording the child's evolving perception of his environment, his growing awareness that he needs a God and that this God will provide him with his life's work.

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But the book's richness lies not in what it is about but the way it deals with that material; in the words of reviewer Mary Rose Liverani, "The sources of pleasure in Bloodfather are too many to explore in a very brief review: enjoyment of characters who are portrayed with uninhibited affection, exploration of religious, moral and social issues in language that is genuinely fresh and unexpected, and the affirmation of the godlike in mankind and the universe. Novels The Chantic Bird. London, Heinemann, and New York, Scribner, The Unknown Industrial Prisoner.

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Sydney and London, Angus andRobertson,